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Nate Ortiz is a Wisconsin based commercial & fine art photographer who specializes in architectural, landscape and aviation photography.  Nate's work is intended to create awareness and appreciation for his subject’s cultural and historical relevance. 


As a young lad, Nathan garnered an adoration for the arts through many different influences.  His grandmother loved to paint and his stepfather achieved an art degree for three-dimensional design specializing in furniture at Birmingham Polytechnic.  His interest was spurred in photography by his father photographing air shows and visiting their cottage in Northern Wisconsin every summer.  Experiencing the north woods so frequently, Nate developed a fondness for the outdoors and hiking.  This led to Nathan photographing and researching areas of Northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan.  As a teenager Nathan studied martial arts and eastern philosophy after his mother and stepfather nurtured his interests.  He also acquired an affection for Asian, European, and African culture/history.  After years of analysis Nate started to achieve a greater understanding of how different cultures influence one another throughout the world. 


Nathan's passion for photography became apparent after his stepfather gifted him his first film SLR camera and introduced him to night photography.  He taught Nate the basics for creating long exposure's and the ability to light objects.  It wasn't long after that Nathan started taking photography classes at Madison Area Technical College and graduated with honors in 2015.


The technical understanding and passion that was instilled by his professors helped Nate advance his knowledge of the digital medium.  This has inspired his pursuit to create work that is aesthetically pleasing and historically interesting.     


Currently, Nate is working on numerous personal projects and also freelances as a commercial photographer.

Photo by : Craig Schreiner

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